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DIH6 (2)Drive It Home – Keep Our Paradise Litter Free

Have you heard about the Florida Department of Transportation’s Roadside Litter Prevention Program? To learn more about FDOT’s litter prevention and education program, click here.

Citizen Resources

Residential Recycling
What CAN be recycled:

  • Glass – Clear, green, and brown bottles or jars (that held food or drinks; remove lids first).
  • Metal – Aluminum, Steel & Tin Cans.
  • Plastics – Includes all plastic bottles and jars like shampoo bottles, bleach bottles, peanut butter jars and plastic beverage bottles (milk jugs, soda bottles, juice jugs, and water jugs remove and discard lids).
  • Paper – Newspapers (remove any plastic wrap), junk mail (remove product samples and credit cards) paperback books, paperboard boxes like cereal, catalogs, cardboard boxes (empty and flattened, must be clean and dry, no pizza boxes), magazines (remove any plastic wrap), office and school paper (staples and paperclips are OK; remove spiral binding and rubber bands), phone books, paper bags, and envelopes (except overnight).

What CANNOT be recycled:

  • Glass, Metal & Plastics – Aerosol cans, light bulbs, plastic or metal hangers,
    aluminum foil, batteries, ceramics or china, coffee pots, baby bottles, clothing, electronics, mirrors, paint cans, pie plates, plastic bags, plastic cups or tableware, plastic wrap, pyrex glass, drinking glasses, styrofoam packing or
    trays, syringes, or window glass.
  • Paper – Candy wrappers, diapers, drink boxes, fast food bags, frozen or refrigerated food boxes, hardback books, napkins, paper plates, pizza boxes, overnight delivery envelopes, paper milk/juice cartons, or wax paper.


You can now use the City of Tallahassee’s DigiTally App for reporting your clean-up events! DigiTally is the City’s non-emergency customer gateway to a host of City services, where residents can easily report issues such as graffiti, broken street lights and pot holes – and now, Adopt A Street clean-ups, too!

DigiTally can be download as a mobile application for IOS and Android*, or it can be used on desktops and laptops. Either way, your information will be saved and sent to KTLBC and City staff.

Download DigiTally at the App Store (IOS)

Download DigiTally at the Google Play Store (Android)

Proceed to the non-mobile version of DigiTally

If you’ve already downloaded the app, swipe down from the top of the app screen and release to refresh and update the app.

To report a clean-up:

  • Open DigiTally and select “New Request” on the first screen and on the next screen scroll down to “Public Streets and Rights-of-way”
  • Choose “Adopt A Street Litter Removal Report.”
  • A map will appear at your location (so it is best to report while you are on your adopted street, but the location pin can be moved if needed); choose “Next” at the top of the screen and fill in the requested information, and tap “Next” again;
  • Review the information, and tap “Submit.”


That’s it! Your reports are important information for us, and we hope you’ll take advantage of this new option.