Calendar 2018-19

Celebrating 25 Years


November 2, 2018                                   Shoot the Moon Halloween Version

                                                                            2018 Shoot the Moon jpg-1


November 16, 2018                              National Recycling Day at Home Depot CCNE


December 6, 2018                                               Board Meeting


January 2019                                              Arbor Day Tree Planting


February 7, 2019                                                Board Meeting


March 2, 2019                                            Super Clean Sweep (Super Lube)

2019_Super_Clean_Sweep final


March 29, 2019                                           Deadline for Earth Day Art Contest

Earth Day 2019 in Tallahassee Art_Contest_Rules final

TBA                                                             Bella Notte


April 4, 2019                                               Board Meeting


April 8 or 15, 2019                                    Green Tree Open at Golden Eagle (WastePro)   

                                                                      2019 GTO (002)     


April 9, 2019 (deadline 3/29/19)                              Earth Day Art Contest at Goodwood (Hancock Bank)


June 2019                                                                                      Keep Florida Beautiful Conference


June 6, 2019                                                                                  Board Meeting


August 8, 2019                                                                             Board Meeting


September 14, 2019                                                                    International Shore Clean Up



Board meetings to be held at Centre of Tallahassee Urban Market, 2415 N. Monroe St, #300, Noon                       



Project dates will be announced seasonally.

Top 5 Ways to Travel Green

The team here at KTB is always looking for ways to have green and sustainable experiences (you’re not surprised to hear that at all, are you?), so we thought we’d share with you our Top 5 Green Travel Tips.
1. Use a Car Litter Bag or any container you choose – we don’t care what it is, we just encourage you to use it! Keep something in your car to capture litter. And, every time you fill up the gas tank, empty your car litter bag into the trash cans provided near the gas pump. It’s the simplest things that make a difference.
2. Refill a Reusable Bottle. All great roadtrips include a cooler full of sandwiches, snacks and refreshments. Instead of packing that cooler with pre-bottled water, take along a refillable thermos or bottle for each family member, then fill up with water at each stop for gas or leg-stretching breaks.
3. Leave No Trace. Make a minimal impact every time you get outdoors. Don’t leave litter behind. Camping? Understand the expectations and best practices for building and putting out campfires, personal toileting and storing food. Learn more …
4. Eat Local. Local restaurants support local jobs, local farms and local flavors. More and more eateries are serving homemade meals using family recipes from homegrown ingredients. Take advantage of this opportunity to help sustain these businesses and their green practices, and experience their authentic local fare.
5. Seek Out Green Travel Options. A growing number of lodges, hotels, attractions and restaurants are implementing green, sustainable practices to appeal to the eco-traveler. Your patronage of their business will encourage them to continue and expand their green offerings.